Tuesday, August 16, 2011

wyndham championship

webb SIMPSON > backed last wk but MC but still in a good vein of form - odds aren't great at 20/1 but justifiable as top 10 here last yr and notching plenty of birdies this yr - top of the all-round ranking hence me backing him last wk in the major.. should be time for him to step up a la bradley and co who have all moved on this yr

brandt SNEDEKER > obvious pick and odds just about justify backing him although have the odd doubt as he can go awol a bit- if he is on song though he should go well, 28/1 is available with one bookie still which is better than I thought (Toms may well be a better shout but is half the odds so siding with Sned) 25 Betfair

chris COUCH > excellent putter and on that basis will give him a crack here; needs to improve on the short holes but his stats are really good this yr.. recent form is good and he's very consistent > 90 on Betfair is very appealing as if he is on song he will no doubt pick up a lot of birdies and that putting ability may well be the difference here

johnson WAGNER > caught my eye a bit although doesnt stand out really - has won this yr though (Mayakoba) where he shot -17 in a weaker event.. that was sandwiched by MCs so not too bothered about any run of form - fairly accurate so outside chance of being up there or could be a blowout.. worth a dabble at 150 for me

nick O'HERN > needs to really have a good week on the greens or else chip in a lot! has found a bit of form recently and might be a decent longshot although not much to really justify, more of a hunch really.. either himor jason bohn for my 5th pick and bohn looks more logical given his record here but o'hern just may surprise (might trade) 160 Betfair

trading > the following rookies will be worth watching as they try to qualify for the fedex playoffs - and it's a season of rookies and first-time winners eh! and they have a bit of recent form too so will be trading these hopefully

michael thompson 220
matt mcquillan 240
kevin chappell 160


  1. couch started ok, wagner too.. both faded though and also notice that bohn (mentioned) flew out the traps and went into the lead at -5 early on thursday

    simpson hit the front on day 2 when he reached -9 before gainey took over.. simpson was +3 erly on thursday so went 12 under after that.. impressive... hope he can stick some pressure on and take this as he looks good > lay available

  2. simpson with a great 3rd round now goes 2 shots clear... nice lay at a shade over 2... only 20 at the start but looking good nonetheless and gives a green screen

  3. simpson wins by 3 shots - nice to see a thoroughly well-deserved win for him