Monday, August 22, 2011

golf bets > US tour full stats

14 events > 4 wins (28.6% per event or 6.25% per tips) and 5 other placed (35.7% per event or 7.8% per tip)

64 bets @ 2pts per bet (1pt win 1pt e/w) = 128pts staked

average odds taken > 62.29

total returned > 287.5pts

profit > 159.5pts

profit / ROI > 124.6%

> by taking value rather than shorter-priced 'more likely' picks there tends to be less placed tips but you get a better overall return... 4 wins isn't stunning but considering the odds (20/1, 20/1, 55/1, 80/1 fixed odds) the return is excellent - there have been plenty of 100/1 tips and higher

> better odds can be gleaned from using betfair and I trade so I tend to make less profit on the wins but avoid losses as I 'green out' where possible usually

> by following these tips though, you could have turned 128pts staked into 287.5pts which is 125% profit!! not bad eh...

consider if you had stuck £10 per pt > this would have meant staking £1,280 but you would have a bank now of £2,875!!

and if your wallet is fairly bulging and you staked £100 per pt you would have turned £12,800 into £28,750 within 6 mths!!

* I always mention this though > only bet what you can afford to lose

I always stick to this and only use bigger stakes when I have earned them through profit

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