Tuesday, August 23, 2011

check some sites out...

OLBG as I mention regularly as it's a terrific site where you can a) get free advice, research, tips etc, b) win money in the tipping competition and c) enter free challenges to win money too

and it's totally FREE.. pretty rare these days I know... you just need an email address to join and off you go

click here for the link and sign up >>

* there's a few top tipsters from OLBG now tweeting so have a look around on there too

* check some of the blogs on my 'blog-list' as they are all fresh and up-to-date and have some cracking tips and articles



  1. Totally agree that OLBG is a good site but I have recently found this one: http://www.tips-free-bets.com
    They have free tips and free bets review daily