Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Horse Racing Tips using a Staking Plan

I have a horse racing tipping blog running on SBB - it uses a staking plan that basically rewards my style of tipping 

I usually go for horses with odds in the range of evens up to whatever.. often in the 5/1 kind of area

I usually get about a 24% strike rate (averages out at this over a long period of time) and with this staking plan, it helps me as bigger stakes are used for the bigger prices

So there's no heavy stakes on odds-on horses, much the opposite with smaller stakes used on the 2/1 shots and then when I hit a 6/1 winner, it pays really well!

Anyway - the details are on my blog on SBB, link is here >

My Staking Plan Horse Racing Blog!!

updated performance...

Haven't updated this blog for a while as I have been on SBB but here is a quick update on my tipping on the OLBG betting site

Masters Golf < I managed to win that competition courtesy of Scott, my main bet, winning the green Jacket and also Leishman making the frame; I tipped him each way at 400/1

I also tipped McDowell the week after the Masters and he duly won on the US Tour so that helped me go top of the overall Golf Tipsters competition too!

And I managed to find a few horse winners too amongst others which helped my overall LSP for APRIL on the OLBG Tipster Competition > I hit +120pts or so which is currently (28 Apr) ranked 1st!
Not bad out of 4 or 5,000 even if I say so myself :-)