Saturday, August 13, 2011

footie multibets

ok.. thought I would run a new blog and see how we get on... will be based upon a number of different bet types and is mainly for fun - not expecting much return on some of these (expecting losses for a long time on the perms/trixies but always a chance they might click eventually!)

A > singles
B > draw trixies
C > perm 5 from 6
D > correct scores (EPL)
E > goals (2.5)

* I will start with a big old pot so I have room for all of these! and will work on the following staking / banking systems:

A > singles > level stakes and any profits will be banked

5pt win each bet and with a good pot I should be able to tick over for a while - odds hopefully will be decent so not too many heavily odds-on

B > draw trixies... these will be for 2pts per bet so 8pts each one (4 bets) - just need the odd treble once in a while to make these worthwhile hopefully!

C > I used to do 8 from 10 years ago and occasionally got 8 which gave me my money back, sometimes 9 which was a decent profit and very rarely all 10 which paid handsomely! will do a smaller version of any 5 and all 6 from 6 so 7 bets in total (small stakes of 1pt)

D > correct scores as it says on the tin, picking the odd one of these will help but the odds are usually so stingy that it's very difficult to get these into profit (I will be shocked if I do!) 1pt bets

E > goals... the best under/overs for me each week - using value so looking for over evens if possible 3pt bets

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