Monday, August 22, 2011

man utd v spurs

Nice way to start the season! Off we go to Old Trafford to face the champions in a mouth-watering Monday night match-up

No Modric tonight as his mind is elsewhere apparently...

Spurs have an awful record v Man Utd and haven't won here since way back in 1989; they have had some very good performances here in recent times however without much luck - they were denied a few years ago when they scored a perfectly good goal, well they didn't as it wasn't given (by the only 2 people in a 60k crowd who didn't see it go 2 feet past the white line), and also  went 2 up at half-time in 2009 before promptly conceding 5 in the second half (touch of deja vu there as I vividly remember the same thing back at WHL a few years earlier when they were 3 up at HT and lost 5-3!)

If spurs take the game to Utd they may well nick a result.. but if they sit back and expect to lose then they probably will; I can't see much more than a win by the single goal for Utd with my head saying 1-0 or 2-1 (and my heart hoping for a stunning away win!!)

Too early in the season to have a realistic bet so will wait and see what happens... long as we don't see this again though...

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