Saturday, October 01, 2011

short-term stats.. update

EPL > this week looks like these to see how they go on paper betting

wigan 5/1 draw 3/1
blackburn 15/2 draw 4/1
norwich 21/1 win! draw 8/1
wba 13/5 draw 12/5
newc 39/19 draw 23/10
bolton 13/2 draw 10/3
qpr 3/1 draw5/2
stoke 15/8 draw 23/10
gooners 13/5 draw 5/2

these are all the longer odds for these matches.. will watch and see after last wk when nearly all the bankers came in.. one of those wks when good odds for the outsiders but unlikely so worth avoiding - this wk is much messier which is good..

1 comment:

  1. wba drew 12/5
    newc won 39/19
    otherwise all the favs rolled in...

    will keep an eye on this as the stats led to a> a decent bet as the high odds were coming in.. or b> the likelihood of it reverting to normal averages and thus a string of favs coming in..

    looks like b was correct and these things always revert...

    therefore I might look at sequences and correct scores to see if any anomalies appear