Monday, October 24, 2011

multibets update

8 weeks in now and these fun/serious bets are taking shape... need to adjust my theories slightly to take advantage of better prices and gut feel etc...

summary of results so far >

A > singles > 10/21, loss of 6.33pts > struggling a bit but looking for prices around evens so prepared to have a not-so-good strike rate... just need to look at these a bit more and try to get in profit which I usually am with singles each season

B > draw trixies > 1/8 (6/24 draws) and 125.06pts profit > mainly a fun bet but can pay really well if they all come in - have had 1 successful one so well in profit so far this yr

C > perm 5 from 6 > 0/8 for all 6 and 2/8 for '5 from 6', loss of 19.64pts > almost cracked this but not quite... couple of decent 5 froms have paid ok but need a bit of luck as I'm going for better odds here; the payout is worthwhile if you pick as many as possible nearer evens obviously - might start going for any I like at odds against as although it seems harder it actually isn't if you pick well!

D > correct scores > 7/68 which isn't great but have been going for some 12 and 14/1 shots rather than boring 1-0 or 1-1 all the time - loss of only 4.71pts so far so have almost managed to break even in this area which is hard to do with the paltry odds offered

E > goals > 13/24, strike rate 54%, profit 19.97pts > picking 3 each wk and looking for bets around evens rather than 1.6 obvious shouts... have done well with getting above 50% which means a profit so far - have staked 15pts each wk so 120pts staked in total and return of almost 140 so ROI of 16.6% which is what it's all about for me

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