Tuesday, October 11, 2011

bodugi > win cash!

bodugi is a very simple idea... it's a community betting game whereby you can join a few others to bet on the outcome of either single or multiple football games, or horse racing meetings... and win cash!

bodugi obviously take a cut but the entry fees from the players (typically 8-12 in a game) are pooled and the winner takes all!

thus if you have 10 players paying £5 each into the pot.. there is £40 for the winner

to win you just need to score the most points... and you have odds on your selections as normal so the more riskier the bet, the more points you get if successful

very easy and good fun as you can play a horse card for a fiver and could win a decent pot!

have a look at bodugi.com and join in some of the games on the go... here is one we are playing tonight > 

international football on bodugi tuesday 11th Oct

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