Monday, March 07, 2011

golf bets update...

only mentioned a few tourneys on here but quick update follows (haven't got an exact P&L for fixed bets as I trade but I guess I can do a mythical fixed return to give an idea for those who don't trade) - fixed is hit and miss and you either make a lot or nowt whereas with trading I reduce my profit on wins but also can avoid losses if the trades go well by getting green screens and that's what I tend to focus on


Qatar > no straight tips, Finch was a 20-timer trade (price of 320 down to 16 lay) / Bello traded well - profit on week
Dubai > no straight tips but did back Quiros (mentioned during the event) handily as he won but no credit as I didn't post it up! - small loss on mentioned trades


Phoenix > Couch, Bohn, Haas all traded really well for profit on week
Pebble Beach > Points won (price was 100), Gillis 3rd (price 140) and Cejka, Levin trades helped too for good profit on week
Honda > Yang 2nd (backed at 48 and traded), Couch traded ok - profit on week 

* if taking fixed prices, then straight tips were as follows (betting 2pts per tip with 1pt on win and 1pt on the place for E/W or 2pts for WIN Only) >

Phoenix > 4 tips = -8pts

Pebble Beach > 5 tips = -10pts
1st @ 80/1 returned 81 + 21pts = 102pts
3rd @ 100/1 returned 26pts
overall return > 118pts

Honda > 5 tips = -10pts
2nd @ 40/1 returned 11pts
overall return > 1pt

running total > +111pts

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