Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 goal gap backing recap

here's the thread I did last month about backing big prices on the footie - especially/usually when there is a 2 goal gap > ie when a team goes 2-0 up you back the losing team (or lay the winning team) on the basis that if they score the next goal, then there will be a good profit to be made as the market contracts

have a look...

this week has seen some cracking examples with man utd going up by 2 goals twice!

and then barca being 1-01 last night to win (draw matched at huge price too) and chelsea scoring the next goal.. and the one after that too!

backing big prices (2 goal gap)

all this needs is a decent over-reaction from the market and then if the NEXT GOAL is scored by the losing team and bringing them back into the game, then there is money to be made!!

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  1. having been informed that the stat for losing team scoring next goal when 2 down is 30%, I have updated the thread... makes for interesting reading as there is a big profit to be made if you catch a few corkers in your 3/10!