Thursday, November 03, 2011

OLBG > free site that pays over £3k per month!

OLBG is an amazing betting site > combines forums with a Free Tipster Competition and plenty of challenges where you can win cash.. and the whole site is FREE!

the forums are full of detailed analysis and comment - some terrific insight and detailed appraisals of bets and no idiots on there telling what they backed after the event; it's also free of waffle and point-scoring - a refreshing change these days to actually have some reasoned analysis which all helps in the battle to beat the bookies!

the tipster competition is again free - you have a mythical £1k each month and this is topped up by £100 daily so you have plenty of funds to bet with.. it's all virtual so you win/lose purely on 'paper' but there are loads of tipping leagues and if you win or finish well in these you can real cash - they pay a total each month of over £3k which is staggering for a free site

and there's no catch! obviously they want new members and want those members to open new accounts with bookmakers or exchanges but that's the same everywhere and it's totally optional.. so there is nothing to lose by joining up!

there are plenty of monthly competitions where you can also win a free bet - and occasionally there are bigger competitions that pay out much more (like Cheltenham when there is £1k up for grabs in total!)

some of the longer-term members have won over £2k!

there are also plenty of challenges where you test your knowledge and try to beat the other tipsters; most of these have cash prizes too and for example, picking the correct scores in a couple of champions league games could net you £15 - it's that simple!

* have a look and if you aren't a member then join up!

this link takes you to the site >

OLBG website

here's the facebook site > 

OLBG on facebook

here's the twitter page >

OLBG on twitter

good luck!

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