Wednesday, November 23, 2011

australian pga golf

off to queensland this week for the PGA down under... brief tips are >

OGILVY > top effort last wk, won this and 2nd previously and no reason why he cant crack on and win again as back in form and class act > 10 win bet
O'HERN > place shout and although odds arent great at 17 is playing well and was tied 4th 2 wks back

K-T KIM > 36 betfair > played great last week in the PC and has bottle and ability... expect him to do well and cracking price

trading > Blizard 240, Fraser 75 and Pilkadaris 210 > all have some form and look to have a chance of starting well and those prices attract...


  1. halfway in this event and FRASER holds a 2 shot lead and is now under 8.0 to lay which isn't bad!

    KIM is lying 3rd just a few shots back and is now 14.5 to lay so that tip is going well too... will keep that one alive and may look to lay off fraser during the 3rd round if he struggles to stay ahead

    ogilvy and o'hern need good rounds which are possible as plenty of birdies available

  2. fraser struggled as predicted and laying him off has helped the profit; KIM bet still going well and laying a bit off now to get a healthy green all round

  3. chalmers/allenby stuck to it well as others were falling all around.. fraser birdied 18 to come back well > 3 way play-off and very nice green allround due to the constant fluctuations today.. a trading dream!

    chalmers takes it to go back to back down here.. got that winning habit now