Monday, May 16, 2011

us tour update (bets)

on the US tour, 9 events have been tipped on this blog... total of 38 bets and have found 3 winners in those 9 events and managed 5 other places too so 8 returns out of 38 (21% strike rate) > as I trade on betfair then I have reduced the win returns by laying off but have also made a lot of money elsewhere by trading picks that didn't win so I'm in very good profit so far this year again

If taking the fixed odds then the results aren't bad! (this is the best way to show some sort of return as tricky to analyse the trading side)

Currently standing as follows >

Profit of +342%
ROI of +242.8%
LSP of +92.25pts

So if you had followed 38 tips at level stakes you would be looking at a very healthy return (the bigger the stake the better it looks!)

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