Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wgc accenture matchplay

accenture world matchplay feb 22-26

a few thoughts on this event; not one of my favoured ones as haven't got a lot of time for these matchplay events but worth looking at a few possibles as it's an open event and chance to get on some decent prices perhaps...

fancy kaymer and baddeley to come through in their bracket and thus am taking badds at his price of 50/1 as much better value - such a good putter and played well last wk should go well again here as lives locally and plays well on the west coast

should be able to get away with spraying it about a bit and thus can get through hopefully and may well spring a surprise.. showed some good bottle down under when under pressure in the presidents cup and those sort of events will stand him in good stead these days - expecting a good season from the rejuvenated aussie

AQ > you can get 100 on alvaro on betfair which is too tempting for me so I have dabbled there already always back quiros as he is my fav golfer and when in contention gives you a great run for your money > he should relish this format and course as he can tame long courses and score so low when on song

birdies and eagles and double bogeys probably but can see him going well and a chance to play tiger possibly looms in this bracket has the ability for sure and if he is in form then he will be tough to play and beat 

dustin johnson looks to be a reasonable tip this week - showed good signs of form last week oviously with a very good finish and said afterwards that there were just a few things to be tinkered with.. not maybe a great comment but shows he thinks he's almost back to winning form perhaps the course should play quite long so expect him to benefit and as he can notch birdies rapidly he should do well in this format

DJ looks to have a reasonable bracket and that could give him confidence to carry it through

ogilvy > going with ogilvy here as he is a terrific match player and if he finds his form should go well may well come up against poults which would be a great match in this format!

ogilvy played well at tail end of last yr and then really well in the aussie events down here... was hitting the ball beautifully and putting well if he can get back to that form then he has a chance and he is one of the toughest to play against for sure

mcilroy is in his bracket but I think he may struggle against coetzee may give him a tough opener - ogilvy for me to come thru and make the semis which means a good 12/1 payout minimum here at 50/1 or so

colsaerts has had a good start to the season and is showing why is he is highly rated by some.. has the ability and a really good game and could go well here at a decent price.. first up is westy so could be a long way for not much but lee john doesnt seem tolike this event or course and wouldnt me a huge surprise if colsaerts sprung a shock as such here then could get past karlsson in my opinion and suddenly is getting into the tourney with a chance to go to the semis as a decent outsider.. 

you often get a higherpriced player make it that far in this so perhaps he's the dark horse this week good value and worth trading on betfair for sure as looks to be one of the more likely upsets early on

summary > dustin johnson, geoff ogilvy, alvaro quiros, nicholas colsaerts all look to be good value to me for backing/trading and the other one for me would be baddeley as better value than kaymer in that bracket although I would expect kaymer to give it a good go this week and perhaps win... could be worth watching if odds lengthen a bit..

some small trades on early matches as I fancy a few at higher prices to sneak through.. ishikawa, hanson, goose, els, byrd etc...



  1. the higher priced trades went ok with els hanson ishikawa etc all coming down in price a lot now... some other matches went a long way (extra holes) so had a chance to limit the damage a bit on my main picks as they were pretty poor

    johnson looking ok but the others all went down, ogilvy beaten by an excellent bradley performance...

    bring back the strokeplay events please!

  2. this is why I don't like these events! total blowout lol