Saturday, January 07, 2012

my 12 month ROI tipping performance

Here is the summary of my blogging tips on OLBG for last year (2011)

ROI over the year is what I'm looking for as I often pick a few long-shots and avoid all the short priced horses and favs in the golf markets  - long-term consistent profits are the aim and I did ok last year on OLBG as you can see from the blogger tables

Other Sports > this is a table for blogged tips on cricket, golf, rugby and a few other sports (not horses, tennis, football) that are collated on OLBG via the tipster competition

ROI for 2011 was over 47% which is not bad at all eh!

This table is for blogged horse-racing tips and I achieved over 27% return on ROI for the last 12 months (2011) - very few if any odds-on shots with quite a few longshots in there too so strike rate was around 25% but pleased with a profit and chuffed with being 2nd on OLBG as there are some cracking tipsters on there 

Summary > horse racing blogged tips showed a 27% ROI and other sports (mainly golf) showed a 47% ROI return > these are true and verified returns and show that if you use a sensible staking plan you can achieve a very good return on your investment!

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