Wednesday, September 14, 2011

scotland v georgia

quickie re the rugby world cup game later today

with so many so-called weaker teams doing well so far it is worth checking the handicaps on these games... georgia tonight take on scotland who will want to win well but could find them a tough nnut to crack

the handicap has already shifted as the bookies tighten up a bit but looking at the prices on betfair there seems to be some value in backing the georgians to get close to the scots and also score 12pts or more

georgia aren't too far removed from romania in ability (beat them by 5 and lost by 12 in the qualfying) and romania lsot by 10 to scotland the other day so although you can't take these scores as definitive guides, it shows they have a chance of keeping within 10-15pts perhaps

bets >

georgia points > above 11.5 is 1.77 which isn't a bad return on your money if you think they will pop over a few pens or score a converted try and maybe 2 pens

georgia > +21.5pts if you think they can get within 22pts then this market is about 1.6 which again isn't bad for what looks to be a reasonably good shout

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  1. georgia only managed 6pts but scotland only managed 15! went quite heavy on the georgia handicap bet as it looked so good so handy profit which covered the small loss on georgia pts