Saturday, February 05, 2011

qatar masters & phoenix open feb 2011

will eventually remember to keep this blog ticking over!

posted my thoughts on OLBG > briefly to update though...

phoenix open > picked villegas, kim, haas, moore, and traded bohn 480, couch 115, matteson 195 and chalmers 270 

qatar > didnt pick any but traded finch at 320, cabrera-bello at 310 and kingston / davies both at 290

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  1. update > haas showed well yet again in the US and traded out nicely although didnt pick the lowest point for him

    villegas w/drew which was poor, couch & bohn also dropped nicely after good starts

    qatar > finch traded well, laying at 16 so a 20-timer which was good; bello likewise traded but didnt do as well - still came in a lot from his 310

    not bad for trading and with increased stakes would have been a big result with finch but happy enough with one of my trades coming in like that as it makes it all worthwhile :-)